Shop local,
pay mobile.

Cashfree is designed with local shoppers in mind. Our mobile payment solution removes the need for cards or terminals, making life that little bit more simple and payments that little bit more fun.

How Does It Work?

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Scan QR

Step 4


2 minutes. That’s all you’ll need to set yourself up. That’s less time than it takes for your favourite Coffee shop to get your cappuccino juuuust right.

Select your bank account. Scan the QR code. Confirm.

Now take a sip.

What Makes Us Different

At Cashfree, we understand modern life. We know what it’s like to have 6 different banking apps on your phone and a few coins rattling around at the bottom of your bag. That’s why we’ve created a simple mobile payment app with all the existing benefits of your current banking apps and then some.

All Your Accounts  In One App 

All your accounts at the tip of your finger. Add any bank account and soon even crypto accounts. Give them a nickname. Swipe. Pay. It really is that simple.

Fast Instant  Payments 

There’s no need to wait for the terminal to connect, enter your PIN, get confirmation or wait for your change. Cashfree offers instant payments at the click of a button.

Safety  First! 

Your funds are always safe with Cashfree. We understand that safety comes first and that’s why you can enable Touch ID, Face ID or set a secret code for all your payments.

No Need For  Wallets 

Just take your phone out and scan the QR at your local bookstore, bar, coffeeshop or bakery. Forget about going to the ATM and carrying all that cash around.

Support Your  Local Community 

With Cashfree, your local merchants don’t need to pay high transaction fees to large credit card companies, so you can forget about paying a minimum amount. And yes, that’s less money going to big corporations outside your town and more money for the local economy.