About Us.

Cashfree cares about your local community

Cashfree is more than just a mobile payment app. We care about the relationship between the local baker and the regular customers that keep their business thriving because we believe tight-knit local communities are key to a prosperous economy.

We don’t think there’s any need for high transaction fees to be paid to big multinational corporations and that’s why our seamless payment system requires no third parties.

We don’t think there’s any need for expensive card terminals and that’s why our fast, easy to use payment system requires only an app.

We could go on.

Cashfree simplifies life for everyone in the local community and boosts the local economy.

All at the same time.

Who is Cashfree?

Peter Op de Beeck

CEO and Founder

Joël Van Boeckel


Nicolas Vereecke

CIO & Crypto

Sarah De Hulsters

Legal & Regulation

Yves Prössler

Marketing & Product

Ken Vannerum

Customer Service & Operations

Jelle Baats