Cashfree adds a new layer of convenience to your day to day business needs.

Lower fees

No recurring subscription fee. Yep, with Cashfree there’s no monthly fee or fixed cost for using the service. We also charge lower transaction fees than your current provider.

Safe, Fast and Reliable

We understand the need for a payment method to be safe and reliable. That’s why our easy to use mobile payment app enables instant transactions through secure QR codes. The customer just has to scan the code and the transaction is complete. No third parties, no risk.

Be part of something local.

Not only is Cashfree a simpler, more cost effective way to take payment, it’s also designed with local shoppers in mind. We firmly believe that in our increasingly global world, a tight-knit community is more important than ever. With that in mind, we’ll help you build your presence in your local area through consumer demand and even include a few features on our website and socials.