About Us

Cashfree is the payment method of the local shop

Cashfree is not just a mobile payment app. Cashfree makes the lives of consumers and local merchants easier. Local merchants are the future for a pleasant and warm city. The baker around the corner who knows what bread you want, the barista who has your coffee ready before you can sit down or the grocer who orders lemongrass especially for you, … That’s service, that is just community.

Cashfree makes payment easy

Cashfree makes mobile payments safe, easy, fast and cheap for the consumer and the merchant. No expensive terminals, no subscription fees, just an app and your set to go.

We clearly say:

  • Bye to bank cards,
  • Bye to nickels,
  • Bye to atms.
  • Bye to wallets.

Cashfree helps the local merchant

Cashfree goes one step further because these local merchants have enough to worry about. We not only help them with the mobile payments, we want to do more. We want to help them grow and prosper, work with them in a cozy and warmer neighborhood or city. How do we do that? Through actions in which we put the merchants at the center. We will support the local merchants and bring out their story. They are the glue that holds a neighborhood or city together. We put them on the pedestal that they deserve.

Who is Cashfree?

Peter Op de Beeck


Joël Van Boeckel


Max De Vos

Marketing & Cashfree on the internet

Jonas Maerschand

Business developer

Ronny Vermeire

Business developer

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Business developer

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Junior business developer

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Junior business developer