Cashfree for Merchants

eurocents / transaction

fixed costs

Easy as pie

With Cashfree a lot of inconveniences disappear for you. There are no extra costs you would have to charge to your customers and there are no more frequent trips to the bank needed to bring in cash. Paying Cashfree is safe, reliable, fast and without startup expenses.

We help you grow

Because you already have enough on your mind, we shall not only help you with the mobile payments, we want to do more for you. We want to help you grow your business and thrive, work together with you to create a cozy and warm neighbourhood in the city.

How will we achieve this?

Through all of our promotional actions you are in the centre of attention. We will support you and tell your story. Because we believe your shop is the glue that holds the neighbourhood together. We put you on the pedestal that you deserve.

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